About AirHop Communications

AirHop Communications is a leading network intelligence software company with more than 40 granted patents covering software architecture, methods and processes for coordinating network information, near real-time RAN optimization and ML RAN optimization applications.  The company was founded in 2007 with a vision to drive automated network optimization solutions from the vast depths of information available in the RAN.  Starting with 4G systems and extending even greater with 5G, the RAN intelligent control is pushed out to the base stations where more information is available to dynamically characterize the RAN environment.  AirHop products focused to deliver platforms and features that can dynamically coordinate distributed network information in near real time and make coordinated decisions to optimize the performance of the overall network.

AirHop delivers a fully cloud native, automated, intelligent network optimization layered with eSON providing near real-time coordinated RAN optimization and eSON360 providing ML-based network optimization. As a pioneer in RAN network intelligence, AirHop’s solutions commercially hardened yielding our customers significant benefits in spectral efficiency, lower operating costs and improved end-user quality of experience.

eSON and eSON360 are operationally layered similar to the O-RAN Alliance architecture components – nRT-RIC and non-RT RIC.  AirHop is accelerate the availability of high value nRT-RIC xApps and non-RT-RIC rAppps to operators adopting O-RAN and delivering O-RAN quality automation and optimization to operators on legacy networks.