AirHop’s Auptim TM is a family of field-proven near-real-time (RT) xApp and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based rApp software applications for 4G/5G Open RAN (Radio Access Network) automation and optimization. They are compliant with the O-RAN Alliance reference architecture deployed on 3rd party RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platforms. The O-RAN architecture provides standards-based RIC platforms and interfaces to enable near-real-time (RT) and non-RT RAN intelligence for operational automation and performance optimization. AirHop is leveraging its experience, technology and know-how in building, deploying and scaling agile and field-proven cloud-native real-time automation and optimization software solutions to bring Auptim to the Open RAN era.


Auptim xApps are deployed on near-RT RIC platforms and continuously monitor RAN information through RIC X2 interface services, then analyze and decide on any RAN closed loop control in the range of tens of milliseconds to seconds. Auptim rApps are deployed on non-RT RIC platforms and leverage a large set of RAN information from across the full network along with AI/ML approaches to automatically optimize a variety of network conditions. For certain use case applications, Auptim xApps work with Auptim rApps whereby the rApp uses AI/ML to train the appropriate model behavior and the xApp supports the inference of the model or models to act on RAN information through the RIC E2 interfaces services.

Auptim xApps and rApps cover a broad range of use cases that fall into the following five categories:

Auptim xApps and rApps cover a broad range of use cases


Currently available Auptim xApps and rApps for RIC integrations and commercial deployments:

  • Physical Cell Identity (PCI) Optimization for automated detection and resolution of PCI conflict and confusion, available as an xApp or rApp
  • Random Access CHannel (RACH) Optimization for RACH parameter optimization, available as an xApp or rApp
  • Mobility Robustness Optimization (MRO) to optimize handover performance, available as an rApp
  • Mobility Load Balancing (MLB) for dynamic balancing of user load among neighbor cells, available as an xApp or rApp
  • Multi-Cell Interference Management (MCIM) to dynamically detect and manage downlink interference, available as an xApp
  • Anomaly Detector (AD) for implementation of machine learning based Cell Outage Detection and Smart Diagnostics of network operational anomalies, available as an rApp

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