AirHop Communications Brings Real-Time Network Intelligence Solution to Google Cloud for 5G Networks

AirHop Communications Brings Real-Time Network Intelligence Solution to Google Cloud for 5G Networks

AirHop Communications Brings Real-Time Network Intelligence Solution to Google Cloud for 5G Networks


AirHop joins Google Cloud 5G Edge ISV Ecosystem

SAN DIEGO, California – June 17, 2021 AirHop Communications, a pioneer in 4G and 5G Network Intelligence solutions, today announced joining Google Cloud 5G ISV ecosystem.  The integration of AirHop’s O-RAN compliant eSON solutions with Google Cloud accelerates and simplifies 5G network deployments and operations by leveraging AirHop’s commercially deployed and field-hardened near real-time and non real-time Radio Access Networks (RAN) automation and optimization capabilities.

AirHop will be working with Google Cloud to ensure seamless integration and operation of eSON as a Cloud Native Function (CNF) on Google Cloud. The addition of eSON extends 4G/5G solutions with near real-time and non real-time autonomous optimization applications, deployed as xApps and rApps in an O-RAN architecture, delivering better spectral efficiency, improved end-user quality of experience and significant reduction of OpEx.

“As they roll out new 5G networks and cloud-native 5G, communications service providers have an opportunity to support enterprises with the delivery of applications and services to the network edge,” said Tanuj Raja, Global Head, Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re excited that AirHop will make its capabilities in network analytics and intelligence available on Google Cloud, helping these customers address the enterprise 5G opportunity quickly and cost-effectively.”

“It is an exciting time to be in the infrastructure business with the fundamental architecture moving from hardware centric and closed vendor system to a cloud-based software centric, open ecosystem. There is no better time to collaborate with Google Cloud on cloud-based next generation network platforms,” stated Yan Hui, CEO and co-founder at AirHop. “Real-time autonomous network optimization has been left as an afterthought in many 4G RAN deployment while it is mandatory for 5G systems. Our field-proven eSON solution is accelerating high quality network deployments in large-scale installations globally including Rakuten Mobile in Japan and Reliance Jio in India.”

The eSON solution enables RAN intelligence via real-time coordinated closed-loop performance optimization for 4G and 5G Open RAN architectures, delivering applications for automated configuration optimization, interference management, mobility optimization and is extensible for new customer-driven optimization applications. eSON delivers significant OpEx reduction and RAN performance improvement to CSPs. The cloud-native eSON system is deployable as a standalone CNF and as O-RAN compliant xApps and rApps on near real-time and non real-time Radio Intelligent Controller (RIC).

“This integration provides Google Cloud with the necessary RIC component for all RAN deployments, including vRAN, open RAN, and open vRAN”, noted Light Counting analyst Stéphane Téral.

About AirHop Communications

AirHop Communications is a leading network intelligence software company based in San Diego, California. AirHop’s flagship eSON near real-time Self-Organizing Network (SON) system delivers coordinated optimization of network performance and end-user experience for 4G & 5G radio access networks.  eSON is a fully virtualized cloud-native, massively scalable, high availability and commercially hardened platform supporting both traditional network architectures and Open RAN architectures and open interfaces. AirHop’s eSON360 Analytics solution is delivering ML and AI based network optimization applications that leverage data sources across the RAN and eSON platform.  AirHop’s solutions are backed by a comprehensive portfolio of patents delivering flexible cloud-native deployments, scalable software and applications, and comprehensive APIs for multi-vendor support.


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