AirHop’s eSON360 Simplifies Deployment and Operations by Providing Superior Optimization, Predictability and Scalability for HetNets

AirHop’s eSON360 Simplifies Deployment and Operations by Providing Superior Optimization, Predictability and Scalability for HetNets

AirHop’s eSON360 Simplifies Deployment and Operations by Providing Superior Optimization, Predictability and Scalability for HetNets

Cloud-based Platform Equipped with New Analytics and Visualization Suites Reduces Complexity of Massive Deployments and Improves Customer Experience

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AirHop Communications Inc., a leading supplier of Self-Organizing Network (SON) solutions for heterogeneous networks (HetNets), today launched eSON360, a new generation of SON solution for simplified network deployment, automated network optimization, multi-source and multi-vendor network data consolidation, analytics, and high fidelity network visualization. eSON360 enables mobile operators to achieve superior automated deployment, operations, optimization and predictability of their large scale HetNets.

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) face significant challenges deploying and managing networks with ever-increasing complexity and demanding requirements on customer experiences. Not effectively solving these challenges results in slower rates of deployment, higher operating costs, lower profit and higher customer churn. eSON360 provides a scalable software platform that enables a template-based deployment approach requiring little to no planning, allowing operators to rapidly deploy cells for just-in-time capacity expansion. During network operation, eSON360 consolidates network performance data to dynamically manage, optimize and coordinate the network resources across the cells to deliver a consistently optimized end-user Quality of Experience (QoE).

eSON360 consists of a collection of software suites, all based on a unified cloud-based software platform. It is architected to always be responsive, resilient and elastic to the network environment, enabling extreme flexibility in deployment topology by operators and is future proof to support SDN and NFV frameworks. These complementary software suites work coherently to deliver a comprehensive SON platform:

  • eSON360 Real-Time: cloud-based SON software for deployment automation, real-time network optimization, outage detection and self-healing. eSON360 Real-Time delivers multi-cell coordinated optimization of network resources that optimizes network coverage, capacity and mobility and adapts to ever changing network environments.
  • eSON360 Analytics: near-real-time big data analytics that delivers invaluable insights from network KPI data and eSON Real-Time network characterization data. eSON360 Analytics consolidates and processes KPIs from multiple sources and multiple vendors in MNO networks and transforms that information into actionable insight, improving network performance, end-user QoE and predicting potential issues.
  • eSON360 Visualization: an innovative, network operator friendly, and high fidelity software platform to visualize the overall network health and robustness from a single cell’s performance to individual user QoE by using the output from eSON360 Real-Time and eSON360 Analytics.

eSON360, which established its first large scale commercial deployment last year, enables MNOs to use one single SON platform to support multi-vendor OSS and RAN equipment. The platform is supported by a multi-vendor ecosystem with partners from industry leading semiconductor and protocol software providers, industry leading wireless infrastructure OEMs and MNOs.

“With eSON360, mobile operators are finally able to consolidate all the network KPIs from multi-vendors and to deliver powerful insight and consistent QoE to end-users by optimization using both real-time and near-real-time network information. Operators are not only getting the most out of their deployed networks but also accelerating massive deployment of new cells in a cost effective way,” said Yan Hui, co-founder and CEO of AirHop. “Our customers have experienced significant network performance gains, for example, increased throughput by up to 70 percent and reduced cell loading by 25%. They have also used eSON360 to make new cell installation as straightforward as Wi-Fi deployment in terms of planning and configuration.”

“With increasingly complex network configurations, real-time radio environment characterization is needed to deliver critical end-to-end insight into MNOs’ network performance,” said Tim Kridel, an independent analyst who covers mobile, SDN and NFV. “By providing operators with solutions to manage the huge volume of network data collected, AirHop’s eSON360 gives them valuable, actionable insights into network performance.”

AirHop will demonstrate eSON360 by appointment at Mobile World Congress in Hall 5, Stand 5L23MR.

About AirHop Communications
AirHop is a leader in self-organizing network (SON) solutions for dynamic resource optimization and QoS/QoE management of heterogeneous wireless networks. AirHop is the first company to combine real-time SON features with traditional SON functionality. AirHop’s eSON™ technology backed by a comprehensive portfolio of patents offers a complete solution featuring a flexible deployment architecture, scalable software platform and algorithms, comprehensive APIs for multi-vendor support, and readiness to extend support into new technologies such as cloud-RAN and NFV. AirHop is privately held and based in San Diego, CA. For more information, please visit


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