Jio & AirHop announce successful deployment of JioSON in the LTE network

Jio & AirHop announce successful deployment of JioSON in the LTE network

Jio & AirHop® announce successful deployment of JioSON in the LTE network

eSON360 accelerates network deployment and delivers superior performance to accommodate Jio’s record breaking subscriber growth of over 600,000 customers per day

Barcelona, Spain – March 1, 2017 – Reliance Jio and AirHop Communications today announced the successful deployment of JioSON, Reliance Jio’s SON solution powered by AirHop’s eSON360™ product, which supports Jio’s Pan India LTE network, the largest all-IP network in the world.

Jio has created the largest state-of-the-art all-IP wireless broadband network to digitize India and deliver broadband to over 1 billion citizens.  Jio has experienced unprecedented success since its commercial launch on September 5th, 2016, attracting more than 100 million subscribers in 170 days.  Part of the network’s success is attributed to a focus on automating the Jio broadband network, enabling rapid and effective configuration and optimization of Jio’s heterogeneous network.  Jio continues to accelerate its plan to a zero-touch, automated, high-performance network that delivers an exceptional customer experience.

eSON360 powers Reliance Jio’s SON solution and enables Jio to quickly expand its network in a cost- effective way while providing a high-quality customer experience to its fast-growing subscriber base. eSON360 is a highly scalable platform that leverages a state-of-the-art software architecture that is always responsive, resilient and elastic to the network environment, achieving a virtualized solution that fits well in SDN/NFV frameworks.

“Traditional operators are typically slow to respond to customer demand, with long lead times for new services and capacity. Jio has been able to fundamentally change this paradigm by delivering broadband connectivity and a suite of rich media services and content to an unprecedented number of users in record time,” noted Mathew Oommen, President, Reliance Jio. “AirHop has been a great technology partner throughout our network launch where automation and self-healing were introduced to remove interference, offering higher spectral efficiency within the LTE network.”

eSON360 enables Jio to optimize its network performance in real-time, delivering multi-cell coordination of network resources, optimized coverage, capacity, and mobility while adapting to the ever-changing network environment. In addition, eSON360 provides a true multi-vendor real-time SON solution that enables Jio to deploy across it RAN vendor base to achieve a common SON approach.

eSON360 delivers flexibility in deployment topology, enabling JioSON to be deployed across already existing data centers spread throughout India. In addition, eSON360 dynamically scales to the size of the network deployment and provides additional flexibility and robustness through embedded load balancing and real-time process monitoring.

“The success of Jio’s commercial network deployment is the first fruit of its unyielding commitment to build a data and cloud centric state-of-the-art network through innovation and we are very proud to be part of that initiative,” said Yan Hui, CEO and co-founder of AirHop Communications. “To date, Jio has achieved impressive improvements from eSON360 in key network performance and customer experience parameters.  Through Jio’s continued leadership, more capabilities, based on the eSON360 software platform, will emerge through continued innovation in big data analytics for greater network insight, predictability, and automation. We are working with Jio to improve user experiences and prepare for the continued evolution of their network.”

About Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (“Jio”), a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited (“RIL”), has built a world-class all-IP data strong future proof network with latest 4G LTE technology. It is the only network conceived and born as a Mobile Video Network from the ground up and supporting Voice over LTE technology. It is future ready and can be easily upgraded to support even more data, as technologies advance on to 5G, 6G and beyond.

Jio will bring transformational changes in the Indian digital services space to enable the vision of Digital India for 1.2 billion Indians and propel India into global leadership in digital economy. It has created an eco-system comprising network, devices, applications and content, service experience and affordable tariffs for everyone to live the Jio Digital Life. As part of its customer offers, Jio has revolutionized the Indian telecom landscape by making voice calls for Jio customers absolutely free, across India, to any network, and always. Jio makes India the highest quality, most affordable data market in the world so that every Indian can do Datagiri.  For more information, please visit

About AirHop Communications

AirHop® is a leader in self-organizing network (SON) solutions for dynamic resource optimization and QoS/QoE management of heterogeneous wireless networks. AirHop is the first company to combine real-time SON features with traditional SON functionality. AirHop’s eSON and eSON360™ technology, backed by a comprehensive portfolio of patents, offers a complete solution featuring a flexible deployment architecture, scalable software platform and algorithms, comprehensive APIs for multi-vendor support, and readiness to extend support into new technologies such as cloud-RAN and NFV. AirHop is privately held and based in San Diego, CA. For more information, please visit


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