New AirHop eSON™ Delivers True Unified HetNet SON And Introduces Real-Time / Offline Analytics Capability

New AirHop eSON™ Delivers True Unified HetNet SON And Introduces Real-Time / Offline Analytics Capability

New AirHop eSON™ Delivers True Unified HetNet SON And Introduces Real-Time / Offline Analytics Capability

 Operator-tested eSON brings feature-rich real-time SON and broad aperture analytics working in concert

BARCELONA, March 2, 2015 – AirHop Communications, Inc., a leading provider of advanced self-organizing network (SON) solutions for heterogeneous networks (HetNet), launched its next-generation eSON™ software, a major advancement in wireless network automation with new dynamic SON features combined with traditional SON and analytics that reflect significant input by major carriers around the world.

This next generation eSON™ has expanded its flexible, multi-vendor architecture to allow service providers to seamlessly coordinate traditional SON and real-time SON features among all classes of small cells and macro cells.

eSON™ extends its proprietary dynamic radio resource management technology from the downlink path to include the uplink path, providing full duplex real-time interference management.  In addition, the new software release provides enhanced capabilities in network management automation and neighbor relation management as well as network robustness and load balancing across intra-frequency and inter-frequency systems.

eSON™ is the first solution to deliver “broad aperture analytics,” an AirHop technology that enables operators to combine real-time network measurement information with long term key performance indicators (KPIs) for predictive and preventative network management.

This allows eSON to be the first SON solution that coordinates real-time parameters from the HetNet with other important non real-time KPIs. Specifically, operators can quickly establish root cause identification of RAN outages and KPI degradation to provide efficient self-healing and network wellness actions.

Broad aperture analytics also allows operators to improve the overall user experience through real-time coordination among neighbor cells to improve hand-off effectiveness and reduce connection failures.

The new eSON™ also has a carrier grade user interface featuring a robust and always available platform, seamless fine and course network management views, and scalability to grow with the network. In addition, the eSON™ platform provides flexibility to support new architectures and different air-interfaces such as Cloud-RAN and WiFi.

AirHop is actively deploying its next-generation eSON™ for commercial launch later this year.

“As operators move on scaling their HetNet deployments a few things are critical,” noted Peter Jarich, VP at Current Analysis. “Specifically, they need multi-vendor solutions which can support small cell and macro cell layers. Focusing on these features, AirHop’s next-gen eSON marks a significant expansion of its core HetNet capabilities and platform.”

“Operators benefit significantly by directing real-time data about their network channel characteristics as inputs to a SON solution that can effectively optimize coverage, capacity, throughput and robustness,” commented Sue Rudd, Director Wireless Networks and Platforms at Strategy Analytics. “AirHop’s eSON™ software also provides the flexibility to deploy this real-time SON across distributed, centralized and emerging C-RAN architectures, to enable operators to get the most out of their network assets and plan CAPEX for network expansion.”

eSON’s flexible architecture makes it well suited for both green field networks using a broad based deployment and for existing networks requiring an incremental deployment strategy.  With eSON, users experience significant improvements in data throughput and Quality of Experiences (QoE), while operators realize expanded capacity and reduced operation cost.

“This release is a big step in our mission to transform complex and dynamic information available across the wireless network into powerful yet easy to use solutions and tools to automate network deployment, dynamically optimize network resources and capabilities, and improve the user experience”, said Yan Hui, co-founder and CEO of AirHop. “We have expanded our ability to leverage real-time radio channel characterization for capacity optimization and interference management as well as combining those metrics with traditional KPIs and broad based analytics for predictive network management.”

About AirHop’s eSON

AirHop’s advanced intelligence SON solutions dynamically manage interference and optimize system capacity in multi-cell and multi-tier network configurations. AirHop’s eSON combines multi-tier coordinated real-time SON optimization of available radio resources with traditional SON automation to provide operators a complete HetNet solution. In addition, eSON offers a carrier-grade UIX, an intelligent broad aperture analytics platform and support for both centralized and fully distributed deployment architectures.  eSON empowers operators to maximize the value of their deployed assets, and reduce network-operating costs through effective optimization of coverage, capacity, and quality of service (QoS) for users.

About AirHop Communications

AirHop is a leader in self organizing network (SON) solutions for dynamic source optimization and QoS/QoE management of heterogeneous wireless networks.  AirHop is the first company to combine real-time SON features with traditional SON functionality. AirHop’s eSON™ technology offers a complete solution featuring a flexible deployment architecture, scalable software platform and algorithms, comprehensive APIs for multi-vendor support, and readiness to extend support into new technologies such as cloud-RAN and NFV. AirHop is privately held and based in San Diego, CA.  For more information, please visit

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