AirHop’s enhanced Self-Organizing Network (eSON™) technology helps mobile operators optimize the wireless capacity and coverage of their deployed assets while improving data throughput and user experiences. In general, SON is an automation technology to make the planning, configuration, management, optimization and healing of wireless networks simpler and faster. SON measures Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the wireless network as input to intelligent algorithms that automatically generate parameters to optimize network setup, configuration and performance.

eSON’s flexible architecture makes it well suited for both green field networks using a broad based deployment and for existing networks requiring an incremental deployment strategy. With eSON, users experience significant improvements in data throughput and Quality of Experiences (QoE), while operators realize expanded capacity and reduced operation cost.


AirHop’s eSON™ Intelligent Software is the first solution to introduce real-time SON featuring effective coordination of time and frequency resources, providing dynamic interference management. It has the unique capability to combine real time SON and traditional SON functionality with real time coordination among neighbor cells. eSON offers a multi-vendor ecosystem for operators to quickly deploy interference management and capacity optimization across their HetNet. Learn more about AirHop’s complete HetNet eSON solution.

The eSONify™ Partner Program is a mechanism for companies to integrate, test and experiment with eSON features for LTE real-time radio resource management. The program provides Partners with a menu of resources enabling them to access a complete eSON lab network. eSONify Partners come in many different shapes and sizes including operators evaluating technology to better manage their valuable network resources, semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) and base station (eNB) suppliers developing eSON ready solutions, as well as research organizations in government and academia exploring new applications for real-time LTE radio resource management. Learn more about the eSONify Partner Program.


AirHop’s eSON360™ is a network virtualization platform designed to assist mobile operators in planning small cell deployments, and specifically, evaluating the impact of eSON on network performance. It allows operators to virtually overlay eSON-enabled cells on top of an existing mobile network and simulate network operations in order to quantify improvements in network capacity and throughput. Learn more about AirHop’s eSON360 platform.