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eSON360 consists of a collection of software suites, all based on a unified cloud-based software platform. It is architected to always be responsive, resilient and elastic to the network environment, enabling extreme flexibility in deployment topology by operators and is future proof to support SDN and NFV frameworks.

eSON360 Real-Time

Cloud-based SON software for deployment automation, coordinated real-time network optimization outage detection and self-healing. eSON360 Real-Time delivers multi-cell coordinated optimization of network resources that optimizes network coverage, capacity and mobility and adapts to ever changing network environments.

eSON360 Analytics

Near-real-time big data analytics that delivers invaluable insights from network KPI data and eSON Real-Time network characterization data. eSON360 Analytics consolidates and processes KPIs from multiple sources and multiple vendors in MNO networks and transforms that information into actionable insight, improving network performance, end-user QoE and predicting potential issues.




eSON360 Visualization

An innovative, network operator friendly, and high fidelity software platform to visualize the overall network health and robustness from individual cell performance to individual user QoE by using the output from eSON360 Real-Time and eSON360 Analytics.